Guillemard Bittergourd Black Beef Sauce


Bittergourd Blackbean Beef is a traditional and healthy Chinese cuisine. It is considered a cooling dish, favorite among the Seniors as it is very beneficial to the health. The fermented black Soya Beans that are used in this dish, are one of the oldest­ known food made from Soya Beans.They can be widely used for a variety of chinese dishes. It is a harmonious blend and Grandpa Woo likes using it to fry bittergourd with beef.

黑豆豉(发酵黑豆)是由大豆制成的最古老的知名食品. 它可广泛用于各种中式菜肴. Grandpa Woo喜欢用它来炒苦瓜牛肉.


Water, Salted Black Beans (Black Bean, Salt, Water), Sugar, Onion, Shallots, Preserved Dark Soya Bean Paste(Top Grade Soya Bean, Caramel , Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Water, E202.), Garlic, Canola Oil, E1422, Ginger, Tomato Paste, Pepper, Salt, Rice Vinegar, Rock Sugar, Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Star Aniseeds, Fennel Seeds, Cummin Seeds, Cloves, Sze Chuan Pepper, Preserved Orange Peels, China Galangal Roots, E202.

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